You are supported in your specificity


I often work with people who want something…a new car…a  job…a relationship…a happy life…financial freedom…etc.  For the purposes of this post I will use the “relationship” scenario as we move forward.   After telling me what it is they want (or think they want) I will ask a follow up question.  Here is often how the conversation will begin,

“What do you want?”

“A relationship.”

“What kind of relationship?”

“A great one?”

“What does a ‘great one’ look like?”


Then I will launch into detail questions:

Relationship with a man or a woman?  Friendship or romance?  Short or tall?  Talker or listener?  Bold or reserved?  How do you want them to treat you?  What activities do you want to do together?  What do you want them to look like?  Are you concerned about their financial well being?  Do you want someone with kids or no kids?  etc. etc.   Getting into the details can be scary.  Often it is safer to be vague because then we think we won’t be disappointed.  However, for how long have you been hiding in being vague all the while feeling the longing?  Being specific supports you in getting what you want.  You get to be clear on what you are looking for.  Your community gets to be clear on what you want.  The Universe gets to be clear on how to support you.

If you don’t even know the details of what you are looking for, what you want, then how on earth are you going to go about creating it for yourself?  Give yourself the opportunity to sit down and get very specific about what it is you want to create, immerse yourself in the details.  I invite you to even find a soft piece of music (with no lyrics) and play it as you get into a comfortable position and then allow your mind and your spirit to delve into the vision of what you want.  See it.  Smell it.  Hear it.  Feel it.  Taste it.  Really allow all of your senses to engage so that you can truly experience each detail of what you want.  When you feel complete then immediately begin to journal about what you experienced.

Then, create a list, create some affirmations and take action!


A little less talk and a lot more action…


Those of you who are country music fans are probably hearing Toby Keith singing one of his more well known refrains right now.  I was definitely hearing it as I wrote the title.

Alright, let’s get down to business.  I told you yesterday that I would be talking about the ever-present Comfort Zone!  Now, be clear, we’re not talking about your luxurious bathtub, or your favorite book nook, or your super pillow top bed.  We are talking about that invisible barrier that we erect around ourselves.  Inside this barrier everything is safe and familiar and known to us.  Often, however, the things we want most are outside of this barrier…we can see them out there taunting us as we remain safely within this wall of our own construction.

A few years ago when I was giving a presentation about comfort zones to a group of people someone made a comment that they preferred to call call their comfort zone their “familiar zone”.  When they were in their zone they were simply surrounding themselves only with what was familiar, nothing mysterious.  That thought has stuck with me since.  The word “comfort” to me conjures up feelings and pictures of lush, luxurious places and spaces, the complete opposite of what this “zone” represents.  It doesn’t seem to fit this prison we lock ourselves in.  It seems it would be more appropriate to name it the “familiar zone”, the “lazy zone”, the “okay zone”, the “mediocre life zone”, the “safety zone”.  When you are standing in your zone, knowing that what your heart longs for is outside of it, is it very comfortable?  Or rather do you feel the physical longing and aching for what you are denying yourself?  Give yourself a minute and really investigate that feeling.

Let’s talk about what could be outside of your comfort zone?  Take a moment right now and make a list…

Okay, here are some common possibilities:  love, success, confidence, money, peace, new job, fun.  Here are some other common possibilities:  rejection, failure, pain, loss, disappointment.  How will you know which one you are going to get?  When will you know if you are going to find love or rejection, success or failure, peace or pain?  What’s the asnwer?  Do you know?  Stay tuned.

Now, lots of people like to talk a big game about what they are going to do “someday”, what they are going to have “someday”, how far they are willing to risk “someday”.  People are especially willing to use “someday” (the golden word for procrastinators) when referring to doing something that is outside of their comfort zone.  Have you ever noticed that “someday” most ofen means “never”?  Or, have you ever totally hyped yourself up, “I’m going to do it!  I’m totally going to go in and ask for that raise!  I’m going to do it in three days!  Yes!  In three days I will have built up the courage to go and ask for what I want!  Heck yeah, 3 days for now I’m going to be king!!”  Then, on the third day, “Ok, I’m not quite ready yet.  Maybe next Monday would be better” and next Monday becomes the Monday after and then the Monday after, etc.  Meanwhile they are living in the limbo of “someday” content to live in the mediocrity of their zone and never knowing if the answer would be “yes” or “no” because they are unwilling to take a risk!    It’s easy to talk about taking a risk, easy to talk about taking action.  Until you actually take action you are denying yourself of opportunities, of gifts, further success and connection in your life.

So, now it’s time to choose courage and take action.  What is something outsize of your Zone right now that you want?  What is the action you are going to take to get it?  I’d love to hear from you.  Post here or email me and let me know.  What is it you want that you are taking action on?  What’s the action you are taking?  When?  What are your results?  Now’s the time…a little less talk and a lot more action!!

Manifesting Your Perfect Partner (Singles Training)

This training is designed, primarily, for those who are not currently in a committed relationship.  The workshop will allow you to explore who you are as a person alone, and how you engage and communicate in relationships.  It gives you the opportunity to look at the reasons why you’ve been attracting the people you have into your life, and what value you give yourself in relationships.  It then moves into getting clear on what you want in your primary relationship and how to move forward in having it.  Though primarily focused toward single adults there can be insight gained and value created regardless of where you currently stand with your romantic relationships.  This is a power packed day, grab a friend or two and join in the fun and excitement!

  • February 25, 2012
  • 10am – 6pm (ending times are approximate)
  • Tuition: $79
  • Training to be held at 4900 South Highland Dr., Salt Lake City, UT
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The one day workshop highlights some of the key basic steps in manifesting the relationship you would like to have.  The three day intensive training for Singles goes even further into the emotions, the “why”s and “how”s of what you’ve been doing that hasn’t worked, how you’ve limited yourself, what will serve you in a relationship, and giving yourself to permission to find the person who will cherish you as you deserve to be cherished.

**Those who attend the 1 day workshop and choose to attend the 3 Day Intensive will get a $79 credit toward their tuition.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

~Harriet Tubman